This whole story of my life is from start to finish is the work of God. His grace and mercy has saved me, His son paid the price that I could not pay for my sins and His Holy Spirit keeps and sanctifies me. Though I have suffered greatly though decades of addiction and sin, the Lord has always had His calling on my life. In due season He regenerated me and found this lost sheep. I now walk every day in thanksgiving and worship of the God of mercy and grace.

I am medically retired which creates a challenge in my life as I work to balance faith, marriage, responsibilities and hobbies. Being that my main medical issue is chronic and intractable migraines I spend large portions of my days watching and listening to reliable pastors sermons, studying the Word of God. As my health allows, I play my guitar and sometimes join my wife in leading worship at our church. I also occupy my time with some acrylic painting, model building and PC gaming.

This website project grew out of my own desire and need to gather reformed resources together and create a place to share this with others. I hope to help others find a greater understanding of the word of God and draw closer to Him. I want to encourage others with the encouragement which I have been encouraged.

I am working on a larger, more detailed testimony of the amazing work the Lord has done in my life. This will take some time. For now I will work on filling this site with more resources. Please drop me a message.

May the Lord bless you.

~ Brian ~

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